about us

EWADARA enables you to shop online from all over the world for a wide selection of fashion, beauty and lifestyle items made in Africa by the best designers.
EWADARA welcomes the creative worlds of the continent's best brands offering a diversity of genres, objects, styles, designs mostly hand made with ancestral techniques or inspired by African lifestyle.

EWADARA is a responsible company concerned about its social and environmental impact and helps to convey the concepts of sustainability and responsibility to its employees, customers and its brands and designer-partners.
As part of this, EWADARA supports job creation through its activities as well as with qualified influencers and personal shoppers based in Africa and around the world.

All the brands and designers featured on EWADARA have been carefully selected following careful criteria related to the quality of the products and services offered by the designers, the aesthetics of the creations, the ability to deliver their products anywhere in the world in the shortest possible time, as well as the preferences of consumers in Africa and internationally.