frequently asked questions

EWADARA is an online marketplace where you can shop items displayed by retailers from all over Africa. When you order on Ewadara, you have the possibility to finalize the order directly on the site or to be redirected to the retailer’s e-shop.

So when you select an item on EWADARA, you can : either add your item to the cart or be redirected to the retailer’s e-shop to finalize your purchase

Ewadara affiliates accept online payments via Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard) in a secure manner.

If you finalize your order on the online shop of a retailer, please contact them directly to know the accepted payment methods.

EWADARA partners with retailers from all over Africa. Shipping and delivery policies are specific to each individual retailer and will therefore vary by item.

These are to be found:

  • In the tab "Details and Care", if you are finalizing your order directly on Ewadara
  • On the retailer’s e-shop, if you are redirected to her site to finalize your purchase

Most of Ewadara’s retailer partners offer international delivery with trusted logistics partners such as DHL or Fedex.

EWADARA partners with retailers around Africa.

You may have to pay customs duties on your items, depending on your location and the location and policy of the retailer(s) you are buying from.

Duties are calculated by your local government and will usually need to be paid by you directly to the courier company. Your local customs office will calculate the exact duties once the item has arrived within your country and inform you of what you need to pay.

As EWADARA partners with retailers from all over Africa, returns policies vary by item.

This information is to be found on the retailer’s e-shop.

For example, if the items you are interested in are from the retailer Kente Gentleman, you will need to visit the customer care service on the Kente Gentlemen e-shop where you will find their returns policy.

Returns and exchanges are handled by the retailer your order was placed with. To schedule your return, please follow the policy of the retailer and/or contact the retailer directly.

Next Steps:

  • You can find the retailer name by checking your confirmation email or in your EWADARA order history. or,
  • You can visit the customer care section on the retailer's site for more information or get in touch.

For example, if you have checked and your order has been placed with Kente Gentleman - visit the Kente Gentleman site to contact their team or to find their return form.

If accepted, refunds are made by the retailer once the item has been returned to its returns department. If you have questions about the status of your return/ refund it is best to contact the retailer directly through their dedicated customer care service as they will have the most up to date information.

Next Steps:

  • You can find the retailer name by checking your EWADARA confirmation email or in your EWADARA order history. You may have also received an order confirmation email from the retailer as well.
  • Go to the retailers dedicated customer care service to see their returns/ refunds policy.