Nov 29th, 2022 - Ewadara Edit

No, you're not dreaming, Cyber Monday is coming soon at Ewadara, your eco-friendly online store.

It's the perfect opportunity to make up for not having taken enough advantage of Black Friday... Thank you, who? Thank you Ewadara!

So we won't go back to the usual advice as for the post on Black Friday, you are now armed enough to ensure on all points.

No faux pas will be tolerated.

We'll FOCUS on the designers and designer pieces to turn to in order to stay effective!

What are the #musthaves for this Cyber Monday?

IS.M, the risk of eccentricity is devastating!

Adulated by many, IS.M is one of the designers to follow very closely when you want to make a big splash this fall.

The very atypical look of his creations makes you want to break the codes and push your fashion limits.

Go from classic everyday style to a real instagram star with IS.M, proudly wearing strong, iconic and authentic pieces. See for yourself what IS.M has to offer...

OHEMA OHENE, the wax for sure !

Ghana, land of elegance! It never disappoints us when it comes to fashion.

The great OHEMA OHENE puts colors and glitter in our eyes with her outfits mixed between wax and other textiles.

It's hard to make a fashion faux pas when you see everything she offers to her fashionistas.

An array of various items; between bodysuits and suits, through sets blazer pants.

There's something for the whole family and the last word goes to you...

87 ORIGINS, minimalist of minimalism!

Fine cuts, structured lines, sober and elegant colors, welcome to the universe of 87 Origins, the brand that favors natural raw materials.

The minimalism of this designer and the dexterity with which he makes his creations, remains a mystery.

The fabric falls where it should and seems to adapt to each morphology naturally; the impression of wearing a second skin.

With sober colors, clear or matte, 87 ORIGINS fits all times, all races and all stories ...

LYVV COSMETICS, because you are worth it!

How can you be trendy with unhealthy, unkempt skin? You can't!

Healthy skin is the prerequisite for dressing up and looking your best; your skin deserves the best and nothing less.

With this in mind, LYVV COSMETICS, with its natural products derived from an ethical and committed know-how, strives to give you the best.

From serums to cleansers adapted to all skin tones, pamper yourself and shine for the end of the year 2022.

ADELE DEJAK, beautiful adornments to appear!

How can we end this post without talking about accessories? The majestic jewels that ADELE DEJAK offers us are simply little pieces of happiness.

She doesn't just adorn our ears, necks and wrists; it's a real therapy to wear these jewels that enhance our self-confidence.

Think about it and take advantage of it to make gifts to your loved ones.

That was the little guide, discovering our Cyber Monday stars. We hope we've helped you and wish you a great shopping experience on Ewadara the sustainable fashion store!