Valentine's Day 2023: The pieces that speak of love

Feb 10th, 2023 - Ewadara

What would Valentine's Day be without a little wardrobe update? We are in the most romantic month of the year and as usual, it's a good opportunity to do something special for your partner or simply to treat yourself.

Whether you're looking for CLOTHES and/or GIFTS for a romantic date or for a dinner at home with your lover, you'll have plenty of choices with our Ewadara selection.

Here are some of the best trendy pieces to wear for Valentine's Day. All available at your 100% sustainable store.

How to dress for Valentine's Day?

Go for outfits that show off!

A dress is always the perfect piece for a special evening and Valentine's Day is no exception. The traditional red dress is reinvented with the 87 ORIGINS SHIRT DRESS TIED IN THE BACK.

A more contemporary version with an opening in the back for more subtlety and glamour. This captivating piece already sets the mood and remains our favorite for you ladies.

Play the mystery card with the STARLET MIDI DRESS by DBM.

Its intense black, cut-out waist to reveal some skin and hand-dyed touches of color make it the perfect candidate for a very chic dinner party.

For the more daring and adventurous, think outside the box with a jumpsuit or blazer with floral prints or elegant cuts to create a feminine and elegant look.

As for you gentlemen, shirts are a great option for Valentine's Day.

And when we talk about shirts, we are talking about the one with a modern touch like THE timeless BESOR SHIRT that can be worn for a "date" or for a dinner at home.

With hidden vertical slits in the front and back and a front button closure, pair it with straight cut linen or denim pants.

A real male sex appeal enhancer.

Silk shirts are also a chic option, perfect for a special evening. Floral print shirts are also a good alternative, as they add a touch of color to your look.

Jewelry is the icing on the cake!

Jewelry is essential to complete your Valentine's Day look. Opt for silver or gold sets with precious stones for a glamorous look.

You can also give them as a gift, as a sign of special attention for that special person in your eyes. Whether it's for her or for him, Ewadara offers you these beautiful, iconic and modern jewelry pieces.

Replace the classic beaded necklace with this ethnic-inspired one ladies. For you gentlemen, cufflinks are another great way to add a touch of style to your look.

The touch to sublimate and surprise!

High heels and beaded handbags are perfect for a romantic evening. No detail should be ignored from head to toe and you know it.

Let yourself be seduced by this bag from Marte ELEGE that combines luxury and glamour in its elegant and minimalist format.

For men, a more classic approach can make all the difference with a tie or a simple clutch. Either way, your partner will remain seduced and that's all that matters.

Finally, as a famous designer once said, what's important in a dress is the woman who wears it. And what is important for us is you.